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Are you:

  • tired of memorizing calculation rules while working on huge Excel tables?
  • slowed in your work by having to wait for a response from your company’s central system when calculating offers and premiums?
  • in need a tool that allows you to calculate complex insurance online?

Or maybe...

  • you are looking for a quick solution for building new insurance products,
  • you have to wait for the results of prototypes testing,
  • you are forced to update all product systems separately when the rules change,
  • your company uses several different systems, each requiring different optimization efforts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions

the calculation engine

will satisfy these and many other of your needs.

What you gain by using Gears:


by being able to hide business rules from unauthorized persons


possibility of full integration with your company's systems


thanks to the comprehensiveness of the repository, the time required for the calculation process is at least 30x faster


launching a new insurance product is many times faster


launching a new insurance product is many times faster


you can instantly build and test prototypes of new insurance products

Today’s market forces insurance companies to significantly increase their pace of operations. Speed counts in many aspects:

In response to these challenges, also offers the following:

Configurable calculation precision, including possibility of unlimited precision, eliminating the "missing penny" problem.
Modern solutions
System architecture based on microservices.
The calculator works with persistent data and reference dates, so historical quotes will always calculate with the same results.
Multi-system support
The modern GEARS architecture allows you to work with more than one system simultaneously. Centralized handling of calculation processes facilitates maintenance and development of all client systems.
Lower maintenance costs
The central system for calculating premiums (Gears) enables easier implementation of changes (they automatically propagate to all systems) and flexible changing of business rules and calculation processes. Everything in one place.
Calculated data are verified quantitatively and qualitatively in the context of the performed operation, which guarantees correct calculations, even in very complex processes.
Flexibility of calculation
Rules can be modified both in advance and during the operation of the system without having to restart it. This makes it possible, on one hand, to fine-tune calculations over time while retaining a history of changes, but also to adapt rules to specific customers on an ongoing basis.
Ability to change the business model
The sales network receives the tools to present offers on-line.
Ability to use simulation and AI
With the collection of data in the system and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, complex simulations and analyses can be performed based on this data, allowing rules to be continuously adapted to changing requirements.

Case Study


One of the leaders in the Polish insurance market.


Competitors are able to prepare quotes for complex insurance products much more efficiently.


Significantly shorten the quote preparation process.


Implementation of Gears as a validation and calculation systemfor group insurance policies and integrating it with the company's existing systems.


  • calculation time reduced by more than 70 TIMES,
  • propagation of rule changes for multiple systems from
    a single location,
  • full cloaking of business rules from unauthorized persons,
  • presenting offers in real time,
  • providing online calculation tools,
  • provide sales networks with a tool to calculate premiums based on simplified data,
  • facilitated training, implementation and operation of the tool.

Who we are?

Isolution dream team
Diversity, collaboration, alignment

We are an IT company specializing in services and products for the Insurance and Finance industries.

We attract talent from various areas: programming, analytics, UX, quality assurance, sales, marketing, communications, compliance.

We have developed an entire ecosystem of web applications using the latest Java, Spring and Angular technology stack among others.

Over 130 environments are managed with the support of CI / CD automation. Changes are released and new functionalities are created on a continuous basis. In the project we also use a messaging server and BI.

  • We have been in the market for 20 years and have been working closely with the F&I industry for 10 years.
  • We have over a hundred experienced developers, analysts and testers responsible for the quality of our services.
  • We are characterized by a unique organizational culture in the spirit of Management 3.0, based on loyalty, openness, respect and integrity.
  • We work in an Agile methodology to optimize project delivery time and cost.

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